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Maintenance Test Flight Tool Kit (MTFTK)

The Maintenance Test Flight Tool Kit (MTFTK) is the newest, industry leading, all-inclusive tool kit for the helicopter maintenance field.  This kit includes over 30 necessary tools needed to complete every task associated with a Maintenance Test Flight (MTF) for the H60/S70 aircraft.  The tools included are from 8 different industry leading vendors with well-known reputations for high quality and dependable tools.  Each tool selected was chosen for a very specific and necessary purpose to ensure all tasks can be completed efficiently without having unneeded tools.  Several tools included in the MTFTK, such as the 1-11/16” crowfoot, are not issued to military units in the field.  


The rugged and deployable Pelican brand case includes a retractable handle and wheels for easy movement.  The laser cut, multi-layered, multi-colored foam properly secures each tool and makes it easy to inventory when maintenance tasks are completed.  The digital force gauge takes the place of 5 other spring scales normally used during MTFs.  The large work light includes a blue light function which makes it easy to identify aircraft oils by highlighting them a green color.  The wiper pins are two pins with “Remove Before Flight” flags that fit perfectly into the windshield wipers to pin them back for operational checks when the windshield is dry.  


This kit is all inclusive and is perfect for remote location maintenance operations as well as normal maintenance operations.  

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