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Damper Servicing Tool

The Damper Servicing Tool is specifically designed with the helicopter maintainer in mind.  This tool is designed with the correct specifications to fit tightly onto the H-60 Main Rotor Damper Indicator, place it into position, and hold it in the open position during servicing.  The Bright Yellow handle and Red Clip Assembly will aid in visual confirmation the tool has not been left on the aircraft after maintenance tasks are completed. The cushioned handle allows the user to get a comfortable full hand grip while pulling the damper indicator into the proper position for servicing.  The slide bar on the handle allows the user to lock the handle onto the damper indicator, preventing it from slipping off during operation.  The lanyard keeps the clip and handle together so that you always have the pieces together when you need them the most. This is a must have for every H-60 and S-70 helicopter mechanic toolbox. 

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