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Helicopter Hoist Power Adapter

The BL-29900 Hoist Power Adapter provides off-aircraft power capability to the Breeze Eastern BL-299000 Helicopter External Electric Rescue Hoist.  It also allows hoist cable up/down control utilizing the provided switch or aircraft pendant control capability.  If the provided up/down switch is used, the hoist will travel at 100 FPM just as the aircraft pilot control provides. The Power Adapter allows users to perform safe and reliable scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance off the aircraft without the risk of elevated work platforms or falls from an elevated positions.  It allows the user to perform hoist troubleshooting by isolating aircraft wiring and controls to reduce troubleshooting times for both the hoist and hoist control pendant.  It provides a compact and portable capability that is field expedient for down range and field maintenance operations.  This is a must have for any hoist maintenance operation.

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