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Helicopter Blade Maintenance Stand

The Helicopter Blade Maintenance Stand is a lightweight and foldable stand that accommodates all Army helicopters and some civilian helicopters.  Specifically, it is designed to work for H-60, S70, CH47, AH64, UH-72, EC-145, and EC-135 helicopter Main Rotor and Tail Rotor blades.  When the blade is attached to the stand, it allows one person to rotate the blade 270 degrees and can fix the blade in any position needed for repairs.  The V Notched Platforms allow the blade to safely be placed in a vertical position for repairs without causing damage to blade components.  This also allows small Tail rotor Blades to be placed in the stand as well.  Main Rotor Blades are attached to the stand using the provided Composite Buffer Assembly for the specific blade.  This Buffer assembly is made of plastic materials to completely protect the blade from damage while the stand is in use.  The foldable feature of the stand allows for easy storage and deployment.  This stand is perfect for light repairs, such as repainting, as well as heavy repairs and major overhaul.  

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